Mission Statement

Voluntary Housing Support Services is committed to delivering and supporting voluntary housing association with a range of services, advice and information.  This is provided in furtherance of the member’s objectives in meeting their obligations under the Voluntary Housing provisions of the local authority and national government and in the best interests of their tenants, while embracing and promoting best practice and excellence in governance.

VHSS aims to meet its mission by focusing on:

  • Delivering the best services and best information at the best value
  • Developing and providing management advice and services to meet the needs of its members
  • Providing strategic opportunities for collaboration between the Voluntary Housing agencies
  • Gaining leverage from expertise, scale and position as a national network service
  • Encouraging research and development to further the housing needs of the elderly and disadvantaged.
  • Providing support with regard to members who are planning a merger or a takeover with another voluntary housing association