Annual Monitoring Programme

Following the commencement of the remaining powers and functions of AHBRA in July 2022, Approved Housing Bodies Regulatory Authority (AHBRA) have introduced their Annual Monitoring programme where all AHBs are requested to provide a range of information and performance data on their organisations activities.

The annual monitoring programme is an important function for AHBRA as AHBRA will analyse and evaluate information provided by AHBs to:

  • Inform future planned assessment programmes
  • Identify common risk areas and trends across the sector
  • Tailor education and guidance needs for AHBs based on the risks identified
  • Publish an annual sector analysis which will provide useful information across the sector

What should your AHB do?

All AHBs deemed to be registered with AHBRA were issued an Annual Monitoring Form in September 2022. AHBs are asked to complete all sections of the Annual Monitoring Form and return the completed form by Friday 4th November 2022.

You should submit your completed annual monitoring form by email to

If VHSS can help with regard to completing the monitoring form, contact us on 085 1901899