Charity trustees are the people who ultimately exercise control over, and are legally responsible for, the charity.

  • If the charity is a company, these people may also be known as directors or board members.
  • In an unincorporated association – an association that has a legal form with a governing document – they may be known as committee members.  In the case of a trust it can be more complicated.  If the trustees of the trust are the ones who decide policy and control the assets, then they are also charity trustees.

If you are unsure as to whether you are a charity trustee or not, then it is important that you check the legal structure of your charity to clarify your position and consult your charity’s constitution or deed of trust (‘governing document’).

At the end of September 2019 there were more than 66,000 charity trustees in the Republic of Ireland.

If you need more information with regard to your Charity, go to or contact VHSS on 085 1901899 with regard to Charity/Approved Housing Associations.